Shad Tillotson, MSN, FNP-C – Noetic Psychiatry


Shad Tillotson graduated from Maryville University with a Masters in Family medicine as a nurse practitioner after mentors and neighbors encouraged him to pursue higher education in order to fit his natural style as a provider. Shad started his work in a rural setting where resources for specialties were scarce, but was able to excel in providing mental health treatments ranging from bipolar, substance abuse, anxiety and insomnia among others.

People notice right away that his demeanor and style are relaxed and encourage confidence in his ability and approach to mental health. He helps clients through many mental difficulties such as anxiety, impulsiveness, insomnia, body image disturbance, eating disorders, anxiety and depression.

Shad utilizes labs and vital signs to evaluate possible organic causes to anxiety, depression and insomnia. He is accepting new clients at this time and prepared to help guide treatments toward better mental health.