Sabree Crowton – Noetic Psychiatry


Sabree Crowton is currently completing a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Brigham Young University. Her dissertation explored the therapeutic process of clinicians at an inpatient eating disorder treatment center.

Sabree graduated in 2012 with her Bachelor of Arts in History from BYU. She then served as a research analyst at the University of Utah. There, she worked on a project funded by the Centers for Disease Control examining the prevalence of autism and developmental disabilities in Utah. Sabree also worked as a teacher in Alpine School District providing reading and math support to eligible students.

In therapy, Sabree primarily uses a relational-cultural and mindfulness-based cognitive approach. She has an appreciation of and respect for diverse social, cultural, and political backgrounds. She believes in using the existing strengths of her clients to create change.


Eating Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Depression and Anxiety
Relationship Concerns
Women's Issues
Crisis Intervention


Publication: A hermeneutic exploration of the therapeutic process of clinicians at an eating disorder treatment center, manuscript in preparation
Publication: Finding self again: The dismantling of eating disorder and trauma identity, in press
Publication: An exploration of religion and spirituality in the recovery of former eating disorder clients, in press, 2017
Publication in Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment & Prevention: Can eating disorder patients learn to eat intuitively? A two-year pilot study, 2017, Volume 25 Issue 2
Presented at the APA Annual Convention: Relationships among body image, self-esteem, spirituality, and eating disorder diagnosis, 2016